8 Essential Strumming Patterns - Page 2

Pattern 1

This one is great for rock ballad type songs.

You may notice a slight accent on beat one to help move the rhythm forward – careful that you don’t let the rhythm run away on you - keep the beat nice and steady.

Once you are confident with this strum pattern you make like to try Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heavens Door” over at our songs section.

Strum pattern 1

The chords used in this example are the "money chords" from our chord progression lesson. The recorded example plays one bar of four beats on each chord and is repeated.

Money Chords

Pattern 2

This rhythm is an eight note pattern that includes a tied note between beat 2 & and beat 3. A tie combines the value of both notes therefore the two tied eight notes receive one full beat.

You will notice that the first of the tied notes are played on the upbeat after the second count. This actually creates an accent on the weaker up beat giving the rhythm its character.

Remember not to play the downbeat on beat three because of the tie, put keep your right hand moving in the eight beat rhythm just missing the strings on the upbeat.

Strum pattern 2


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