Chord Progressions The Money Chords

This chord progression has earned the right to be called truly awesome. Before you continue this lesson take a look at this YouTube clip by Aussie group “Axis Of Awesome” then come back and get started.

Just a few songs that are based on this progression are:

Jason Mraz “Yours”
Train “Hey Soul Sister”
U2 “With or Without You”
Beatles “Let It Be”
Pink “Perfect”
Green Day “When I Come Around”
Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under The Bridge”

The Money Chords

Money Chords

Practice this progression using two beat changes as well as the four beat changes used in our example.

Practice the chord changes slowly at first and gradually build up to tempo of the example below.

Listen closely to the sound of the chord progression. Try to develop the ability to be able to recognise the changes when you hear them in a song you are listening to.

Once you have mastered the progression in the key of G major it is important to learn it in all keys. We have a chart which provides the Money Progression in all guitar friendly keys. download chart here....


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