How To Play Guitar By Bill Tyers

Let’s Get Started

If you are looking for free guitar lessons then welcome to our introductory series. The list below sets out the individual steps needed to cover the basics you will need to know before moving on to chord playing.

Once you have completed the chords in G and D major plus the minor chord lessons you will be ready to move on to a more challenging lessons. It’s recommended that you start by focusing on rhythm patterns. After that you may be interested in working through either the chord progression lessons or trying some finger style technique. Both will provide you with an opportunity to further develop your creativity on the guitar.

Once you are finished with the basics you may want to explore other genres such as Fingerstylye, Blues, Rock or maybe Bluegrass. There are a multitude of online courses available, unfortunately many are of very low standard. We have evaluated many of these courses and have selected the very best to share with you.

What You Will Learn

On completion of this section you will have a firm grasp on the following skills:

The names of the various parts of the guitar.

How to hold the guitar in a comfortable playing position.

How to tune your guitar.

You will be able to read chord charts for guitar.

How to hold the pick.

How to play songs using the main chords in the key of D and G major.


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