Holding The Guitar Pick By Bill Tyers | ©2013 All rights reserved

Holding the pick correctly is very important to gaining a great technique on the guitar.

If the pick feels uncomfortable while playing then this will create unwanted tension and will hinder your progress.

Keep in mind it is important to think of the pick as an extension to your right hand thumb.

holdingthe guitar pick

Here are some tips to get that ideal pick position.

As you will notice in the illustration the pick is sitting on the curled index finger with the thumb coming down on the top of the pick.

The tip of your index finger and thumb are parallel, while the pick is perpendicular to them.

Notice also the remaining fingers are curled into the palm of the right hand.

Some players prefer to anchor the third and fourth fingers to the pick guard whilst playing.

How Much Of The Pick Should You Leave Extended?

As a rule the least amount of pick extended the better. In fact the right thumb should be very close to the strings as you play each string.

What To Look For When Choosing a Pick?

You should choose a pick to suit the music you are playing.

Softer picks are better for strumming chords and harder picks are better for lead playing.

The best course of action is to get yourself a number picks in different shapes and gauges and select the one that is most comfortable and gives you the best tone on your instrument.

Another point worth remembering is once you are happy with your pick selection - continue to use this one only.

Constant use will create a smooth edge on the angle that you strike the strings making your tone much better and the release from the string will be more fluent.

Become a one-pick person, guard your pick jealously but always keep a few backups for an emergency.

Mastering the pick does take some time, so continue to experiment with the length of your pick extension and practice, practice, practice, till the pick becomes a natural extension to your picking hand.



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