Added Chords - Lesson 2...

Our first example adds some harmonic interest to the "Money" chord progression from an earlier lesson.


Pay attention to the damped notes in the bass indicated by the x sign.

Use the underside of your fingers to lightly kill the sound of the string underneath.

Added Chords Progression 1

Added chords example 2

Remember to keep the left hand fingers curved and only use the finger tips to fret the notes.

Added Chords Progression 2

Traditional Progression 3

Again be careful with the damped notes on these chords - particularly the D chord - do not let the sixth and fifth strings sound.

The ability to play only the strings needed for the chord is very important. This takes practice because you can't use the underside of your fingers to kill the vibrations

We will stress this point again. For the D chord in particular you must be precise with your right hand and only strike the bottom four strings.


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