Added Chords - Lesson 3

Added Chords Progression 3

Traditional Progression 2

The added chords in this example give the chord progressions interest and momentum while still remaining a basic I - V chord structure.

You may notice in the recorded example the use of double stops to play the A chord. A double stop is when two adjacent strings are fretted with the same finger.

The A chord is usually played with fingers 1 2 and 3 fretting individual strings but players with large fingers may find double stopping a useful technique.

Remember to keep the left hand fingers curved and only use the finger tips to fret the notes.

Added Chords Progression 4

added chords example 4

The chords in this progression are all held together by a common chord tone - the note of G on the first string. Notice how it remains constant while the chord tones below change. This is a technique used by the classical composers called a binding tone.

Once you are confident with your chord changes it is time to move on to playing some songs. With a knowledge of the chords on this page, and with a little help from your capo, we will show you how to play countless songs in all keys. So lets go to some great songs to practice on.


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