Guitar Chords In G Major By Bill Tyers

The key of G major is another great key that fits nicely under the fingers and has a nice open sound.

This chord set - along with the D major set - will give you enough scope to play most songs in a key that will suit your vocal range.

If you are starting right in on this page it would be a good idea to review the page on reading chord charts which can be found here.

Principal Chords In G Major.

The three principal chords in G major are the G, C, and D7th chords.

G Major Chords
Practice Hints

The change from the G chord to to the C will require a little more practice because the third finger in the G chord must move up to the fifth string to form the C chord shape.

Remember to practice the chord changes at a realistic tempo. Trying to play to fast and having to pause at each change will be counter productive.

Chord Progression 1.

D Major Chord Progression 1
Practice Hints

As in the previous lesson practicing these chord in a number of different orders is recommended.

Careful attention to the sound of the tonic (G) to dominant (D7) chord progression is important.

Try and internalise the sound so you can recognise it when it appears in a song.

The dominant to tonic progression is the most important progression in western music and forms the basis of most of the music that we hear today.


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